A staircase is often an undervalued element in a home and we want to change that. A staircase may be seen!

We renovate existing stairs and give them a new look by means of stepladders. We are not only upgrading the stairs, but the entire house!

Our ambition is to continue to grow and to keep up with trends in staircase renovation

We are always looking for new applications and new types of stair coverings with the best quality. Partly because of this, we are a collaboration with Bertram Beerbaum in 2012 and we developed a unique staircase line: our Stoer Chique line! The use of leather on the stairs gives a surprisingly chic effect. A staircase is a functional element, because it is used several times a day. However, this should not come at the expense of quality. We therefore wanted sturdy leather that can take a beating.

Alphenberg supplies us with the leather for our leather stair coverings from our Stoer Chique collection.

At Alphenberg, craft and innovation stand side by side and that makes it so special to work with Alphenberg

They think along with us and recognize the unique qualities and possibilities. This is completely in line with the stair concept that we have also come up with: making the staircase a unique element in the home. You can make a real interior statement with your stairs. Everyone will be surprised by the possibilities in the field of stair renovation.

That is why we also offer the complete picture

A staircase renovation supplemented with matching banisters and stair lighting. In this way, the staircase gives atmosphere to the home and the staircase becomes an eye-catching object in the room, almost a true work of art!

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