The hood; a piece of furniture!

Today’s kitchen should at least have the same atmosphere as the living room. A living space that invites you, your family and friends to linger for hours.

Not a standard kitchen, but a carefully composed interior.

If this appeals to you, we would like to welcome you to WAVE and introduce you to an important piece of furniture, the extractor hood.

Every day of the year is used to take our collection to a higher level, both in technology and design. The technology of a Wave extractor hood is good, it goes without saying. We also try to give the extractor hood the allure that suits today’s kitchen.

A kitchen that is increasingly transforming into a unity with the living room.

For WAVE it is a sport to meet the requirements of tomorrow now.

… And if possible to surpass this one. Without technology, a design has no value and vice versa. We build collections, but also respond to individual demand. What about leather upholstery for the extractor hood. 10 different colors, carefully selected by the Alphenberg team. Attention to stitching, the fit and space for individuality, the hood is a true piece of furniture with Alphenberg leather.
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